SEO and Design Process

Our SEO and web design process is very meticulous. It has to be, in order to ensure your project is managed strategically and efficiently from initial conception through to final delivery.

Keyword Research

fencepencil believes in a solid foundation, and the secret to that is keyword research. We take the time necessary to find out what your customers are typing in to the search bar. This ensures we are going after key phrases that actually matter.

Competitive Research

Competitive research is just as important, if not more important than keyword research. How will you know where your potential customers end up if you don’t know your competition? fencepencil takes this very seriously and works with you to find the top 5 competitors in your industry.

On-Page Optimization

SEO can be broken up into two categories, on-page and off-page. While this may seem fairly self-explanatory, it’s important to realize the difference. Our first couple of months will be dedicated strictly to on-page SEO. This will include proper meta data, content, and anything else that resides on your website.

Off-Page Optimization

Off-page SEO will begin after the first couple of months, and we will be focusing on getting your business seen. Link and Citation building are great techniques for getting people landing on your page. Off-page also involves a bit of content creation, which we make sure is original. This can be a very powerful way to rank higher than your competition.

Growth and Continuation

It’s been spoken out of the Google’s mouth, that if you let up on actively working on your website, you will start to fall off in the search engines. Google loves business owners to be very involved in and proud of their online presence. Don’t let a bunch of hard work go to waste, and we’ll help keep you right at the top.


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