What is ... fencepencil?

It's another way of saying
"A Top-Notch SEO & Web Development Agency"

Who are we? A small introduction.

Our team is comprised of business-oriented, artistic minds. Creativity is a must in the web design business, and our design team has proven to be creative.


A word that sets us apart from most other web companies in the Boise area. We truly care about your business and won't take any shortcuts or hide what we're doing.

Why choose us? Glad you asked.

We know how hard it is to pick an seo/design team. Your first question is likely - are you guys any good? (Yup!) Is the team easy to work with? (You betcha!) Will they deliver solid work at an honest rate? (Our clients think so!)

Give us a chance, I promise you won't be let down. We keep our clients updated with every move we make - once monthly that is :)

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email: hello@fencepencil.com

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office: (208) 717-1736